Dr. Rossy Sintya Marthasari, SpAND

The doctors at the Jakarta Women & Children's Clinic are dedicated to deliver outstanding patient care. Each of our doctors has extensive experience in women and children's healthcare and related medicine.

Dr. Rossy has lived in Banjarmasin long before she moved to Surabaya for further education. Graduated from Medical Faculty Universitas Airlangga Surabaya in 2005, then, she went back to Banjarmasin as a doctor in Puskesmas while she continued master degree in Biomedical science and Anti aging medicine in Universitas Udayana Bali

Following her graduation in 2014, she continued residency program back to Universitas Airlangga Surabaya and officially became Andrologist in 2018. 

Andrology covers two broad areas, first male infertility and second sexology and anti aging. Dr Rossy is active as a participant and also speaker in many national and international symposiums.

Away from work, she is a real book lover, her reading corner at home can be her perfect sanctuary and effective stress reliever.

In a contrary to her introvert personality, she is a passionate traveller, who loves to seek new adventures and explore new places. She enjoys culinary exploration and  testing new cuisines. Based  on her culinary experiences, she also love cooking and always try to replicate dishes especially Indonesian food at home.

Dr. Rossy Sintya Marthasari, SpAND

Andrology Specialist

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