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Other Services

24-Hour Emergency Services
JWCC provides a 24-Hour Emergency Care Service for immediate medical assistance outside our regular operating hours. Our dedicated healthcare professionals are available to address urgent and critical medical issues.

Mental Health and Wellness Center
Partnering with the Child Development Centre, our expert psychologists and psychiatrists focus on diagnosing and guiding children with developmental challenges, nurturing their overall well-being.

General and Paediatrics Surgery
Our General and Paediatric Surgery department offers comprehensive surgical care for patients of all ages, including adults and children. Our expert surgeons perform various procedures, including abdominal surgery, appendix surgery, circumcision, and hernia care."

Nutrition Center
At JWCC, we prioritize children's and adolescents' nutrition. Our expert dietitians take a personalized, multidisciplinary approach to assess and meet their nutritional needs.

We provide world-class healthcare for men. Our experienced and discreet doctors specialize in men’s reproductive health, including male infertility and sexual or erectile dysfunction. Your visits are always private, and confidentiality is our utmost priority.

Ancillary Medical Services

Our advanced lab equipment delivers precise, reliable test results, improving patient care and medical decision-making with high-quality data.

Our in-house pharmacy offers convenience, qualified pharmacists, counseling for medication needs, and educational materials to keep you and your family healthy.

Our Radiology department offers safe, specialized diagnostic imaging, collaborating with other medical units for accurate diagnoses. Services include General Radiology, X-Ray (for paediatrics, maternity, neonatal cases, emergency department), and Ultrasound (abdomen & pelvis, detail scan, nuchal translucency).